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About Us  

A family boat has a long life with proper care and maintenance. Family boats are an excellent investment in the growth of family experiences that last a lifetime. Family fishing trips, camping, water skiing, tubing, traveling to new destinations, all create experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime.

I was fortunate enough to have had a grandfather, and a father that included me from age seven in their fishing and boating experiences. They shared a lot with me over the years and I have vivid memories of the fishing trips, the boating trips, the little things that we did, the conservations that we had, the lessons of life that I learned, the fish fry's with the families, the amazing and wonderful fun that we had together during their lifetimes.

Today, those are cherished memories that I have of two past loving generations.

Yes, our family and our grandchildren have been raised with many boating experiences, adventures, fun, and learning experiences over our lifetimes. That wonderful torch has now been passed to 4 generations.

I do not know the cost, I bought what I could afford at the time. The value of boat ownership has been well worth whatever I spent. Now that I am a senior in life, I can look back and confirm that boating is a very wise investment in ourselves and our children.

At Boater's Marine, since 1994, we have taken pride in getting quality used boats and preparing these used boats for the next generations experiences. We try to make sure that you have happy experiences at an affordable price.


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